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2010-05-11, 07:40

Dear asshat driving the sage-green Ford Explorer,

Please stop tapping your brakes. Pushing and holding the brake for an average time of one second does not slow you down any significant amount, as shown by me not having to push the brake once while following you down that steep hill. The pouring rain certainly didn't require you to do so either, unless your true goal was to skid into the center divider and die in a fiery explosion. In which case you are also a failure. Moreover it annoys and angers the drivers behind you. Similarly, tapping the brake while turned around and digging for something in the rear foot-well doesn't reassure me of your driving skills either. I can only hope natural selection takes its course quickly, but until then; be vigilant for drivers looking to strangle you.

Concerned for Your Safety.

User formally known as Sh0eWax