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2011-04-15, 13:56

I don't think there's a thread for "adventure" photos from Minecraft yet, so I'm making one here.

Last night Billybobsky was wandering through Olde Towne for a visit whilst I was cowering in my Bunker of Fear (a glass turret accessible only by underground passage). While he was there he met Larry (one of a trio of recurring Creepers in that area) and a big beefy spider, who got on top of us in the Bunker of Fear and spun round and round like a pinwheel. BB decided to go back outside and kick his ass, but from my vantage I could see the spider (above ground) following BB (underground) back to the Knuckle (my personal name for the little building that tags into the Canopy Walk).

You can't really see here, but BB was in an epic battle over there... the spider kept flashing red, and kept attacking...

Once that danger was vanquished I crept out to watch BB confront an enraged Larry....

...who was eventually dispatched with a long volley of arrows (which the screenshot didn't capture in either photo)...

And that was the end of the adventure! (except for when we went to get some snowballs)


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