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2011-05-02, 13:48

I warped out to where Brad was last night, just to do some adventuring and see if I might run across some new flowers or pumpkins or some such thing that I haven't yet seen in the wild.

Along the way I spotted a hole.

We were looking at it and Brad was dropping TNT down into it and then he innocently inquired "Do you want to explore it?" so I said "Yeah!!!" thinking that he was going to go with me... maybe even rustle up some pals.

But no.

He started shuttling me TNT and bricks and torches and such and turned on his merry way to go back to his airport, off over in the distance, somwhere (I had no idea where I was).

So now it was like a challenge or something.

I felt my manhood was at stake.
Stay, and explore, or run away like a little girl.

I started making a descending spiral down along the sides of his truly deep spawned hole making toward some exposed coal and iron. At some point I saw a skellie wandering around and suddenly wondered WHAT THE FUCK AM I DOING GOING DOWN THERE WITHOUT F3 TURNED ON????

So I turned it on.

And shit my pants.

The place was churning with some 298394723s and some 0293833s and even a few 3382811s!!!!


And then they started shooting at me.
I ran away for awhile but then went back.

And then, for some reason, I threw my diamond pick off into the abyss and it went down



out of sight.

I ran away again and told everyone what I'd done, thinking I could go home now.

But then Brad fixed me up for a bit more adventuring.

No excuses.

I went back down into the pit and kept circling lower and lower, laying stairs to help me beat a hasty retreat.... by now I could hear hissing and even spotted a creeper trying to get at me from one of the many swiss cheese holes in this unholy spawned pit of Satan. I walled over him, saving my arrows for later.

Spider way down there, eying me.
arrows away.

I started calming down and picking them off as I dug deeper, gathing coal and working down toward that tasty iron.

Still, the F3 business bugged me... there were literally scores of moving numbers behind the rocks.

I finally got down to the bottom of the hole and started shooting and plugging up holes that could hurt me later, aiming myself in one direction.

Poking around I found a way to get deeper over in one direction and spotted something black, shaped like a trident. I inquired what it might be and GreyChristian showed up to take a peep. While I was trying to show him the lookover down into a mosh pit of skellies & zombies and creepers one of the creepers ASPLODED... after a bit of freaking out I went over the other side and started pushing into the dark with my torches.

Together we began pushing deeper into Satan's Pit, but the mobs were persistent.... they creepers would show up suddenly out of nowhere and blow up.

Grey finally realized that they were falling on us from ABOVE, inside the cavern we were in... I pushed in, pushed in, Grey was checking stuff out.... I finally decided to burrow my way the hell out of there.... up and forward, up and forward, up and forward...

Up and.....


I'd hit the ocean, I think.

Water..... I was on a flume ride, back through Aisle 17 of Satan's Pit, washing away torches and who knows what....

I ran back up to my "safe" area and looked for Grey, who was ABOVE ME on the way back out.... that was it, I was done.... up, up, up we went.

And then back out, in the general direction I'd seen Brad heading earlier. Pretty soon we came upon the giant brick library....

I warped to Brad, who was telling us along with others about Osama Bin Laden....

Thanks Brad!!!!


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