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2011-12-26, 15:48

I've been reading up on the inner-city regulations in the threads, but couldn't find too much concrete.

The wall: I didn't mean so much a No Trespassing barrier as a lovely, low-grade water cascade leading from the pad to the other road (designated by the arrow). Just something I visualized, and it would be perfectly open to the public. But, I don't think I will get to it too soon; I wish to rebuild myself in the new world first. Between eating requirements and potion possibilities, I feel a lot like a noob again. If others come along and wish to build over that line or something before I could get to it, that's okay.

If there are no precise block-count restrictions, in game I shall measure whatever half-way is between the two roads and take the quad-side half.

...Though, because of the regulations, I suppose I will seek out a personal land grab and save a little city cottage or something for later. Is it fine if I claim that city plot and leave it vacant for a while? If not, that's fine too, and that plot can be considered undeclared land unless I come back before someone else! I don't want to take it when others could make use of it.

So, is this marvelous mountain up for grabs? On the map it's dark, and I'm about to go check it out in-game. I would really like the whole range to the left and right of the central bit there, but is such hogging okay for that much terrain? I may not get to all of it for a good while. So much to do...