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2011-12-27, 08:33

Originally Posted by arteggio View Post
So, is this marvelous mountain up for grabs? On the map it's dark, and I'm about to go check it out in-game. I would really like the whole range to the left and right of the central bit there, but is such hogging okay for that much terrain? I may not get to all of it for a good while. So much to do...
You may want to check with grey (709) in regards to the mountain chain as he has claimed the swampland immediately to the southeast/backside of the range with the potential to be taking down one mountain.

Originally Posted by billybobsky View Post
As we discussed in game tonight: There should be time limits on land claims.
I will refrain from suggesting any guidelines with the recognition that these things are hard to enforce, but you shouldn't make a land claim that you will not forseeably get to within, say, two weeks to a month. That is, if someone comes along and posts a claim on the land after that time AND starts construction, there's not much you can do about it except look for a new claim.

If you do have lots of big ideas wrt what to build, it is only fair to everyone else that you hold off on claiming land until you are actually ready to start construction. Locking people with shovel ready projects out of claimed but unused land just increases world bloat. We don't want that...
This is a good idea with maybe two caveats:
1) If a claim is going to be used on a project for the benefit of all, I think it can stand claimed but unused for a good while (i.e. grey's AN museum complex).
2) If a claim is out in BFE (see: the rink winter claim), I think it stand over a longer timespan than say one closer to town.

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