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2012-04-25, 21:55

Thanks Sonic.

It'll be a month, likely 2 before I'm finished with the structure and the exhibits, but I'm really happy with it so far. You weren't around for the BP days, but I think this new location is even better than the old (except for being close to the BP mob trap, which was, in a word, epic - and not internet epic, actually epic).

Obviously, there's still tons to do, but it's only here in Cactuar by the grace of Brad. I would've never ever rebuilt what I'd done in BP into our new home.... honestly, the constant moves over the course of the last 6 months left me a little deflated and found me giving MC the side-eye. Thankfully, my enthusiasm has been restored a bit with the introduction of a lot of well-loved buildings from previous worlds being transplanted to Cactuar.

After I'm finished with the museum - and I finish Monster Island as well - I have an idea for something big.

So it goes.