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2016-07-10, 10:00

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Is this the kind of game where you can play it and then ignore it for a few days and then play it again?
I think so! I had bursts of activity during the beta. I would turn it on and put it in my pocket so it would track my steps while walking to the bus, pull it out and tap a PokeStop to get items, then turn the app off and go to work. My job is next to a museum so there's like 10 PokeStops nearby, one of which is reachable from the bathrooms of my building >.> On short breaks at work I'd load the app, walk around my building tapping stops and grabbing Pokes. At lunch, I'd pace around the museum grounds and do the same thing. Then I'd load it up for the walk to the bus stop and that was basically it.

(I made sure to have it for my walks to the bus stop because I walk about a mile each day and so that helps for hatching eggs. That plus lapping the block to get museum stops meant I could hatch an egg every 2 days or so. More, if I pushed myself. But there's joy watching them hatch.)

But some days I was lazy and didn't care so I just wouldn't load up and I didn't feel any anxiety.

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