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2016-11-14, 16:08

709, Elysium, Bryson: are you available this weekend for adventure time?

I know Robo has been lurking in the forums recently, and I'd love if he could join us once for this special event. You seeing this, buddy?

Looks like our best fit so far is Saturday, Nov 19th. Current availability:
  • Saturday afternoon: Drew, RowdyScott, Brad
  • Saturday evening: Ken, Jess, Turtle (?), Brad

I don't think we have enough people for a big battle UHC thing. So, let's do two other activities instead:

1. For something like 30 minutes, do a boxed-in "zombie run" through a modified version of Bradtropolis. Permanent night, modified spawn location within the city, barriers to keep you from leaving, all torches removed, and all glowstone replaced (randomly) with monster spawners or stone blocks. A leaderboard would track scores to keep everyone on their toes. I've been trying to add more stuff to the city recently specifically for an activity like this. I tried an offline zombie run with a backup recently, and I found it can be super challenging. You may find there are some places that *might* be safer than others where you could camp or heal up or rest before throwing yourself back to the undead hordes.

2. After the zombie run, do our classic exploration of a blank new world seed under the new 1.11 release. Hopefully we'll find some of the new goodies! I haven't tried *any* of the nightly builds for 1.11; so, this will be all new at least for me. Of course, the exploration world will be temporary, and we'll return the main world the following day until we figure out what to do with it (trimming, new seed, etc).

Since we don't have perfect consensus on a single time, I was thinking we'd do these *twice* to give everyone a chance to join, once Saturday afternoon and once Saturday evening. If anyone can join both sessions, that would be great too. I plan on doing that.

For Saturday afternoon participants, how does ~3 or ~4 PM EST sound?
For Saturday evening participants, how does ~8 or ~9 PM EST sound?

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