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2016-11-19, 13:51

Thanks Drew.

That said, is it too early to go ahead and try to reschedule (again) the zombie run?

Here are some more details on what I was planning to do with that:
  • reset spawn to be in front of the Community Exchange cube
  • set a "world barrier" for radius 400 centered around the center of the city; this nicely wraps just the city area
  • remove all torches in the city
  • replace 3/4 of the glowstone in the city with stone
  • replace 1/4 of the glowstone in the city with mob spawners (of various types but mostly zombies)
  • set the in-game time to midnight and stop the daylight cycle, meaning it's stuck at midnight
  • enable a "kill count" scoreboard floating on the right-hand side of the screen
  • wipe all player data so everyone starts clean
  • set the default play mode to "adventure" which means you cannot place or break blocks
  • disable "mob griefing" which means creepers and blazes won't destroy the world
That sets up the parameters of the game. In addition, to make the onslaught more tolerable, I set up a station at the exchange that equips you with a full set of leather armor and an iron sword, and I have been placing "power up" buttons (with command blocks) in strategic places in the city that give you better armor, weapons, and food. Those buttons are mostly near rooftops or aren't necessarily easy to reach, but high risk means high reward! Before we start, I'll post general locations for the power ups so you aren't left searching blindly. The existing restaurants, apartment kitchens, and office cafeterias in the city also have food in more accessible locations that you can take from chests, furnaces, or dispensers.

Next weekend is Thanksgiving in the US, and although I plan to be in town without planned activities, I guess others might not be as available. Who would be available next Saturday, Nov 26th? Alternatively, who would be available the following Saturday, Dec 3rd?

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