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2017-06-07, 15:58

Parrots for Captain Drew!

Weird Glazed Terracotta blocks!

Concrete Powder (colored sand?) and Concrete that are going to totally screw up our custom Texture Pack!

Plus a bunch of other stuff, of course. The Recipe Book is pretty great, and will come in quite handy creating mass quantities of blocks or especially when you just can't remember that recipe.

Official change log:
  • Added Glazed Terracotta blocks
  • Renamed Hardened Clay to Terracotta
  • Added Concrete Powder blocks
  • Added Concrete blocks
  • Updated base color palette
  • Added advancements
  • Added recipe book
  • Added Knowledge Book item
  • Added Parrots
  • Added functionality to save toolbars in creative mode
  • Added text-to-speech narrator
  • Added new sounds for the Note blocks
  • Added commands relating to recipes and advancements
  • Many minor fixes and changes
  • Removed Herobrine

So it goes.