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The Ban Hammer
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2017-07-27, 18:51

Since we're talking updates and trimming, I have a grumble. No one is at fault, because it didn't get thought of and I didn't catch it.

The area immediately south of my squid spawner is suddenly ocean, due to some happenings or other with the last trim. When I built the trap, I had to find an area where I could easily (relatively) remove all water within 128 blocks of the trap's center. Otherwise, squid will not spawn. I had to dam the river and sponge it out, hunt the beneath for water ponds and falls, fill any ponds on the surface, etc.

I went out there, today, to remove the old coffer dams and discovered the giant cliffs of Jeb and the ocean immediately to the south. The trap no longer works because of this close proximity to water.

When we trim, I would like to request some kind of fix for this, since there is no practical way to fill the ocean in.

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