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2018-08-22, 13:40

Originally Posted by Brad View Post
I've started porting my resource pack to the new format. There's still plenty more to fix, but if anyone wants to try out my very in-progress update (and maybe point out anything that's missing or totally broken!) ... [/url]
I took it for a test drive and it's looking great. Found a couple things that you likely haven't gotten to yet and a couple of minor broken things.

Broken: the desert sand block orientation (see below) & both the inventory icon and handheld item for the Totem of Undying. I suspect because it's animated in our pack and 1.13 doesn't like that?


New wooden trapdoors in 1.13. The new pressure plates + buttons are updating and look good.

The ends to the new stripped logs. I don't mind the default color & texture of the sides (well, maybe color could be tweaked), but the ends should reflect our pack (or maybe we go back to square ends on our pack?).

One other missing thing that I'm not sure how we handle: The horse models have changed in 1.13 so none of our armor or saddles fit. The default textures for the horses aren't terrible but holy schmokes the default armor really is. You forget how good you have it until it goes away....

So it goes.