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2005-11-04, 08:21

Originally Posted by HOM
Or... I could get the Samsung 50" DLP TV. This one is only a 720p screen, but has pretty good downsampling for 1080i/p content. I can pick one of these up for $1500.

So, I could get a Samsung and Westinghouse for the price of the HP.

Damnit, I don't know what to do...
You might want to have a look at Samsung's new line of 1080p DLP sets. I'm looking at the 50" set and I'll snap it up once it hits my $2500 price point. I imagine that'll happen sometime during the holiday season or just after CES/superbowl time. Hell, you can find it for $3000-3500 right now, but that's not my price point. I'm patient.

As for receivers, I'd look at Marantz. Anything in their SR line is good, but this SR-7500 model looks very full featured and the sound quality of their amplifiers is tough to beat.

Some folks recommend that you find a receiver that does all your video switching and upconverting. I'd let your TV do that, since they're much better equipped for the job these days. Have you TV focus on video and your receiver focus on sound. Buy a Harmony 880 remote, some speakers you like and you'll be pretty much set.

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