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2005-11-04, 16:01

Originally Posted by zippy
I think Sharp makes the best LCDs, and as I stated above, I like Panasonic's Plasmas best. But, based on what I have seen, I would have no trouble buying a Sharp Plasma or a Panasonic LCD either. Both of these companies make some top quality products.
Although several manufactures sell plasma and LCD sets, each is on record for what they specialize in. Based on what I have read and seen:

Panasonic specializes in plasma
Sharp - LCD
Sony - LCD
Samsung - DLP
Toshiba - even mix of LCD and DLP
Pioneer - plasma
LG - plasma
Mitsubishi - DLP & LCD (however, their plasmas are the best I've ever seen, including Panasonic. They cost twice as much, too).

Take a look at the top product from each company.