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2004-10-01, 13:56

I was listening to Sgt. Pepper's lonely hearts club band as I was posting a reply to a thread, "lovely rita" came on, about 30 seconds into the song, I had finished my reply and I clicked submit, shortly after I hit submit, "lovely rita" stopped playing and my computer completely froze up. The mouse still moved, but all the windows were completely lifeless and the dock was immobile. Force quit did not work, neither did saying "what the fuck?". After about 10 seconds of this freeze, suddenly the music came back on, but the computer was still frozen, then the music cut out again, then it came back on about 45 seconds later.

I suspect it was probably due to a corrupt file or something, but it played fine yesterday(I've been on a beatles binge) The peculiar thing though, rarely does any OS X system I've used actually freeze up like this, sure programs can burp and mess up, but the dock is usually always resilient and can still be manipulated, and force quit usually always works still.

what gives?

OS X 10.3.5

I was running iChat, iCal,, Butler, Safari, textedit and iTunes.