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2008-01-14, 11:53

Actually I just found this info on the 2808 on another review (although some of this is beyond my understanding) but it appears you do need the 2808 with a PS3 to get this:

Here is what took me so long to understand. Read it carefully, and don’t listen to the other misinformation on the web. A lot of people are confused about the sound output settings… If you want the Denon to do the audio decoding, you MUST have a player that can output “BITSTREAM” Dolby True-HD, and DTS Master Audio. Most all new players internally decode the Dolby True-HD, and DTS Master Audio and send them out as processed PCM audio. The little light on your Denon will not light up “Dolby True-HD or DTS Master Audio” unless you are connected to a source that can output BITSTREAM audio. I personally was on a quest to have my new receiver light up “Dolby True-HD”, so I bought the Toshiba HD-A35 that has the bitstream ability.
The Sony Playstation 3 DOES NOT have the ability to bitstream out Dolby True-HD, and DTS Master Audio. It does have a “bitstream” setting, but this is only to “bitstream” the original Dolby Digital 640kb signal. If you have a PS3 you want to select “PCM”. With the PCM setting, the players internal decoded translates the Dolby True-HD signal to an uncompressed PCM signal.
PCM is the same signal, bit for bit, that Hollywood uses to mix their movies. Basically think of Dolby True-HD, and DTS Master Audio as “ZIP Files”. When they are decoded, they become Uncompressed PCM. So does it matter if the decoding is done on the player, or the receiver? Tough call… Either way they get the same PCM signal in the end. They both sound great to my ears! I kind of like the fact that the Denon is doing the heavy lifting. I would assume Denon would use higher quality components than Toshiba/Sony.

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