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2008-01-14, 13:05

Without getting into too much detail that I don't have time to dig up right now. I'll just throw in two recommendations: Yamaha components and Paradigm speakers. See if there is a dealer in your area and give Paradigm a listen. You'll have a hard, if not impossible, time finding a bad review of them, and typically they are put up against speakers twice their price. I'd recommend the Monitor series (not to be confused with the 'Monitor Audio' brand that you posted.

As for the Yamaha, they have two model lines, the HTR and RX series. The HTR are usually more consumer oriented, and the RX can be more audiophile oriented. That said, there are some great HTR boxes that will more than likely exceed your needs. The Yamaha website has some good comparison pages so that you can see exactly what is different from model to model.

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