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2004-06-04, 15:29

I've been looking for a job for about two and half months now. I had an interview last Tuesday with this company that came across as a great place to work: Good people, good business philosophy, etc. It's a sales job, but that was fine with me, because it was more consultive based. So I went in and they had me take two tests, an apptitude test and a predictive personality test. The personality test sucked: it was a list of statements and you had to circle true or false on how they applied to you. But fine, I did that, went in, and did the interview with one of the managers. Today, I got a call from the recruiter who I had been working with to get the job, who has been super helpful. Her good news was that I did extremely well in both the interview and the apptitude test but based on the personality test, they didn't think I was aggresive enough. However, I've done retail sales for five years, I was a telemarketer (basically) for my college my freshman year, and I did fundraising my junior year and helped raise over $2,000. I can't believe they wouldn't even give me a chance. On the slightly brighter side, the recruiter is going to call the head manager again and try to convince him to give me a chance. I'm not getting my hopes up though. Apparently they put a lot of stock in these damn tests. Has anyone else had this happen? Is there anything I can do to make them change their mind? So far, the only other job lead I have is with a life insurance company and it's completely commissioned based and I really don't want it. However, if I can't get this first job to reconsider, I might have to go with insurance. Ick.