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2004-06-04, 15:41

Ugh. Tests have done nothing but hold me back. I really think society is too dependent on tests and rules. I talked to a Dean at my college because I didn't score well on a math test and the computer system prevented me from taking the class I wanted. (I haven't taken a math course for 6 years so I was a little rusty.) Basically, he couldn't do anything because he had to follow the "rules". (The Dean for crying out loud!) I explained my situation, he looked at my test score and blatantly called me a liar. I don't like that dean. Just for fun I sat in on the class anyways and in a few hours, I remembered everything from high school. Unfortunately, I can't re-take the test for another year! Darn you people! Give me a chance! What do you have to loose?

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