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2004-06-04, 15:55

You should've just refused to take the personality test, citing the commonly held belief that they have questionable scientific merit and have very little usefulness as predictive tools.

Then you find out what kind of people they really are. If they say "oh that's perfectly OK, we don't require it to be hired" you know they are somewhat reasonable. If they say "Ok, but it will hurt your chances for hire", then you know they're trying to get you to pigeon-hole yourself so they can stick you somewhere and cite your own test as a reason for doing so.

Technically, I doubt it's even legal to require job applicants to take personality tests, let alone derive hiring decisions based upon them. But not many people would have the cahones to call their lawyer and say "let's get these pricks for biased hiring practices".

Either way, it's a fair bet that if they are putting more stock in a personality test than your actual job experience, they've got their heads up their asses. You don't want to work for a company that's more interested in scores on a sheet of paper than what you've actually done and learned on the job.

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