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2008-04-03, 23:51

I'm looking for some software that will allow me to use either my iSight or camcorder as a motion sensitive capture device. I don't want to record a bunch of nothing, just when there is action.

Ultimately I'm going to look for a whole home security setup that incorporates cameras that are accessible from anywhere via the web. So I'm certainly open to pointers of this. I can use a PC if I must, but I would like the solution to be Mac based.

For now though, I just need to be able to record motion to "catch a thief" without having to waste a lot of HDD space and also not have to sift through and bunch of blank space and likely miss the part I need to see. I'd be cool if Apple offered it, but where ever. Free is good, though I'm willing to pay if it's worth it.

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