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2012-03-19, 22:33

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OK you'll fit in.

Nice to meet you, Dan. Do you like Zelda? Our old worlds had several block-perfect replicas of Zelda areas. Brad and Rowdy really outdid themselves, I think. I'm sure we'll have some game-themed projects in our new world before long

What is your favorite of all your Nintendo memorabilias? It doesn't have to be your favorite game or system or whatever (because of course those questions are impossible), just whatever you think is the most interesting to share.
I absolutely like Zelda. Ocarina of Time is my favorite. I wasn't a huge fan of Twilight Princess, but Skyward Sword is pretty amazing. (I'm not super far.) Wind Waker probably had the best opening of them all, though. I did play Zelda II and a bit of the first one as a kid, but they didn't resonate with me as strongly as Mario and Megaman did.

As far as memorabilia, my most treasured piece is Super Mario Adventures. Got mine from Nintendo Power as a kid, I think for Christmas. It's still in really good condition.

Another factoid: My favorite game of all time is Super Mario RPG.

Also, thanks for whitelisting! I'll be hanging in the forums as well.