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2012-03-19, 22:55

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Idunno. Since 709 opened up that can of worms, I think I might agree with him. I'm cool with AN members bringing their friends onboard, but when those friends start bringing their friends onboard it starts to feel less like a server of a bunch of friends and more like a bunch of strangers.

I'm not trying to sound cliquish, but I hope you understand that many of us have been here for years — the better part of a decade, now! — and we all go back a long way. We're probably an unusually close-knit community, by Internet standards. AppleNova is a very special forum, and we're happy to grow and make friends with cool new people, but I hope you can understand that we also all keep coming here because it's not just a bunch of strangers.

I'm going to be a little blunt here.

Like this very website, the AppleNova Minecraft server is not free to run. It takes time, technical skill, and resources. I run this website free of ads and junk, paying for its hosting out of pocket, and maintain the server because I care about the community that thrives within its virtual bounds. I started the private Minecraft server for this community. It was never intended to be a public playground; it was created as a privilege for the people who have formed the core of the AppleNova community, as I've said repeatedly in other threads.

I'd like to see the game community grow, but not at the expensive of letting strangers run amok. I'm OK with each of us having an IRL friend or two to play with on the server. But friends of friends? The AppleNova part of the AppleNova Minecraft Server falls apart when the "friends" outnumber the core community. This becomes readily apparent when some of the friends either never participate on the forums or never even read the forum discussions about the game. We have discussions relevant to the game in here, and we can't have people going on oblivious to them all.

If the community aspect of this game falls apart or becomes too diluted, I'm gone. Turtle is welcome to keep hosting the game if he wants to, but I'll drop my SSH keys off at the door and retire to a quiet life of SSP. Or maybe I'll play some Dwarf Fortress. Another coworker keeps trying to hook me on that drug.

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Heck, Brad is carrying my baby.
You scamp! That was supposed to be a secret!

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We're all nice people, I mean this isn't 4chan

> fmw reply is an image
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