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2012-03-20, 06:29

Originally Posted by delphi View Post
Sorry Elysium. Do you want me to remove everything? I will but it back to the original condition and remove the portal.
If you could take out just what you've built that would be great. Don't worry about the landscaping as I'll be building some structures on that ridge and will likely be messing with it myself.

Originally Posted by delphi View Post
I was thinking torches or a building defines when an area has been claimed.
Typically yes, but it is not an absolute. I was setting up a base to get the resources churning and then was going to selectively torch the islands exterior. You actually almost torched up to one of the entrances. I figured since I was so far out of town that my simple post here would keep people away from doing anything in the interim.

I'm sorry if I came off as a dick over this, but it was just a small shock to the system right before bed to find I had a tenant. Normally I wouldn't care, but in this case I went way east of town for very specific reasons: namely building autonomy.

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