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2019-03-11, 00:18

Okay, I get it. Microsoft introduced the Surface Studio in October 2016 and caught Apple's iMac team flat-footed.

Apple pushed out an iMac update in mid-2017, but it was clear to everyone that the Next Big Thing would typically take 18-24 months to show up, and that Apple would have to bring it's A-game.

We're now in March of 2019, and there's still no word on the next iMac update.
I had thought we'd see something by the end of March, and maybe we still might.

But I'm thinking that the release of the next version is either pushed back because there's a form factor change that gives away the design language of the new Mac Pro, or because somewhere deep in the caverns of Apple Park there's a chip that blows the current iMac chips away, and Apple is crazy enough to plan a Fall 2019 launch that will see the flagship Mac lead the transition.

Whatever's going on, WWDC should be a blast this year.
So I figured I'd start an early post asking for guesses on what's up with the next iMac. My guess:

• 32-inch screen with smaller bezels. Chin stays, albeit smaller.
• Increase to 6K or 8K screen (10K makes sense for 8K video editing, but I think that's still way too far out.)
• Adjustable height control
• Thunderbolt 3 with USB 3.2
• No Touch Bar on keyboard, because no-one is clamoring for that, or for significantly higher prices.
• Face ID (which will tick off people like me who keep a cover on their camera.)
• At least one USB port will be easy to reach. (I think this is actually the most unrealistic of my predictions.)

All this could have been done already, so what's the hold up?

• If it's not out by WWDC in June, it will have an A-chip.

Yes it's insane, but they've kept us waiting for almost two years.
After that long of a wait, this had better be a spectacular iMac update.