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2019-03-26, 12:43

I was excited during the event for different parts, but overall, looking back, nothing too major.

The Apple Card would be cool to have, but I already have credit cards that integrate with Apple Pay, so no big deal there. That being said, I'll probably still try and get one.

Arcade is a no for me since I don't play games.

Apple TV Channels aren't for me as I don't really watch any of those channels.

Apple TV+ is definitely something I'll be subscribing too as there are already a few shows that I'm very interested to watch. I'm curious to what fills out the catalog, but I'm sure information like that will be coming down the road.

Apple News+ is something I already subscribed to yesterday as I do a ton of reading in News and having the extra places to pull information from should be pretty interesting.

Plus, family sharing with all of this is super impressive and I'm glad that Apple is putting that into all of these offerings.