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2019-08-13, 23:21

So because some people cannot look after their stuff and break them all the time, wired headphones are obsolete. Please. I have wired headphones that are over 10 years old and work fine. Doubt we'll be saying that about wireless ones any time soon. The only pair of wired headphones I have broken were the crappy Apple ones that wont stay in my ears. Given how Apple shapes headphones that won't stay in my ears, there is no way I'd by Airpods. I'm not opposed to wireless headphones, I have some, but only because I have to. The adapter is a pain and bulky, and frankly didn't need to exist at all.

Originally Posted by kscherer View Post
Half decent headphones? Airpods are loved, adored, and dreamed over by happy customers all over the world. They're much better than half-decent. They sound good, and they're incredibly easy to use.

You mean, kinda like the phone? or the computer? or the printer? or the Walkman? or any other consumer electronics device made since the beginning of time?
Hardly comparable. I've yet to use Bluetooth headphones that could match wired headphones for audio quality, dollar for dollar. Sorry, it's just the facts. I don't care how many Apple fanboys walk into your third party Apple resale location and tell you how much they love them, that's not a good sample of the general population, considering that less than 10% of mobile phone users globally are buying Apple phones and computer that they fully work with. Until we come up with something better than bluetooth for audio, it will still be lacking due to interference and other issues. I don't love the wire, but I do prefer the audio quality. My walkman (Panasonic version) still works just fine thanks, and it's not in a landfill. My computers, also not in a landfill, because all I have to do is plug them in to, oh can you bare it, a wired plug and, wow they WORK!!!!

Robo: Oh we should give Apple a prize and worship them because they bestowed upon some the mighty adapter!

A decent pair of wireless headphones (that doesn't de-sync from video playback), costs twice as much as a wired pair of headphones with similar audio quality, and oddly enough they never de-sync or run out of battery life, go figure. The Apple lightning headphones are just as crappy, and fit even worse than the 3.5" jack version, enough said. Apple didn't solve a problem by removing the jack, other than reducing the chance of water ingress into a phone. Then again the phone still have speaker grills and a USB port, so they didn't really solve that. Guess we'll have to settle for Apple's wireless speakers to fix that in the future!

Samsung does still sell full screen phones, with headphone jacks, namely the Galaxy S10/S10+, how it is it possible? It must be more magic than Apple can manage. As to them starting to phase the audio jack out, of course they want to sell more of their version of the Airpods.

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