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2019-08-14, 15:41

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I know what robbery is thanks. If the AirPods audio quality is no better than the lightning headphones I would consider the price tag theft. A Bluetooth adaptor doesn’t cost $100, nor the case and a doubt the batteries do either. If the AirPods have the same audio quality the the wired lightning set they are worth $100 at best, and even that would be generous.

Products aren’t priced based on their production cost + a certain permissible markup, they’re priced based on what people are willing to pay for their benefits. That’s just how capitalism works.

Millions and millions of people are voluntarily trading $159+ for a pair of AirPods, so clearly not everybody considers that price tag “theft.” Maybe…you’re in the minority, with objecting to the sound quality of Bluetooth headphones? Maybe to most people, they sound just fine, and things like convenience and ease of use are more important than audiophile-grade sound quality? Maybe all these people aren’t being hoodwinked and robbed, they just have different values from your own?

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Seriously, guys take a chill pill
My dude, you were the one who said that Apple removed the headphone jack solely to further some industry-wide conspiracy to sell pricier headphones. If you don’t want people to call you out when you say bizarre and unfounded things, don’t say bizarre and unfounded things.

Trying to roll it back later as “sarcasm” (but also not “all sarcasm”) and “playing the devil’s advocate” is just a bad look, too.

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