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2019-08-14, 19:08

Originally Posted by Robo View Post
Trying to roll it back later as “sarcasm” (but also not “all sarcasm”) and “playing the devil’s advocate” is just a bad look, too.
I was talking about a few specific over the top comments, not everything, and I’m not back tracking. Those are things I do in every just about every thread here. Why? Because, I don’t take everything at face value, whether it’s from Apple or people here. Moving on.

I still do not believe removing the 3.5” jack was an innovative move, nor are the AirPods. The audio quality, if the same as the lightning versions as people here say they are, are not worth the price, to me. I have wireless headphones that have better battery life (11 hours, without needing a case for a top up), and sound a lot better for the same price. I’m not afraid to pay good money for a good product, but IMO the AirPods are not a good value for the money. Nor do they offer any meaningful advantage over other wireless headphones. I don’t love or hate AirPods, I just do not see them as, a) innovative or b) a good value for the money, end of story.

And yes, I’m fully aware that there is more to the cost of a product than the sum of its parts, I wasn’t born half past two yesterday. I’m not talking about that, I’m talking about the value you get for your money.

None of you have presented a reasonable point to say that either items are innovative, you’d rather make personal attacks, because that’s just easier. Saying, “millions of people loves them”, doesn’t make it innovative. So what? Billions of people love going to the beach, does that making going to the beach innovative? Bad example, but I think you get the point.

And yes I still believe the push to remove wired headphones from devices, phones or otherwise, is a move to push buyers up market, and that it is not necessarily a good thing for customers and the environment in general. I never claimed to be perfect in this regard, but I sure try to maximize the usefulness of everything I buy and don’t treat stuff like crap. I won’t join the “you can just get another one if it breaks” mindset.