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Dorian Gray
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2013-01-05, 17:08

Thanks for the entries, all.

I like AWR’s story and photo, though I’d personally prefer a bit more sharpness or a bit less (to make it look more deliberate). And since I’m judge this time, that matters! I do appreciate it’s very hard to shoot people in the dark.

GSpotter’s photo is characteristically excellent, with the long exposure blurring the moving smoke/mist nicely. It looks great, but I’m deducting points (unfairly) for having seen the subject from him before (maybe last year? The year before? Can’t remember). Could I commission a series of five photos as the ‘candles’ are lit next year?

Chinney’s shot looks as cold as it was. I like the snow and strong verticals created by the trees and their shadows. Black and white was the right choice.

But I’m going to give the win to PB PM. The Christmas decorations are so over-the-top they’re almost eerie, but they certainly grab my attention (is that a throne for Santa?). The baroque detail is accentuated by the hard light, but since large parts are in shadow and the windows are dark, it’s clearly nighttime. I like it.

Over to you, PB PM.