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2007-06-20, 18:12

So I just stumbled upon what looks to be a perfectly good dual 12" powered subwoofer. It is in an enclosure, has an amp, and is in good condition(although there is a slight dent in one of the cones, indicating that it is potentially busted) I want to install it into my car(honda civic lx 2005). At the very least, I want to test it and see if it works.

So, my car is completely stock, and I don't know anything about installing car audio. This unit however is quite complete, and only needs power and a source to function. Meaning, it needs to be connected to the battery and the head unit. So I need some speaker cable, in this case, it looks like it is just RCA cable, and I need some heavy duty copper wire.

The juicy questions are, can the car's stock system support the addition of a subwoofer? if so, are there any considerations I should take into... consideration? if no, what is the cheapest route I can go about towards upgrading the head unit to support the addition of a subwoofer? and lastly, is it even worth doing when the rest of the system is remaining stock?

I know that the stock 2005 audio is pretty decent, at least upgraded over prior models, I have no gripes with the quality of the sound, but the loudness and the bass are definitely missing, I feel that this subwoofer will solve basically both of those issues, and I will happily be fully capable of saturating the streets with bad german techno.

Bonus question: what is the simplest way I can test this thing before going through the task of installing it? I could just plug it into the home stereo via rca I suppose, but that would not give it nearly enough power

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