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2020-01-03, 12:57

Well, if anyone cares, there is a path to a fortress way out in the Nether. The path begins immediately behind My Nether portal. There is a very crude, still under construction Blaze trap at the termination. I got a few blaze rods from them, but they're a swarm of yellow jackets in there, so use caution. The trap needs a lot of work to be safe. I'll get to it when I have time.


The path is an unprotected netherack death-race, so watch for Ghasts that might blow a hole in it behind you. I've had the path shot in half right behind me! Travel with repair bits.

Also, there is a portal out at the trap. Don't know why I put it there, other than I got my "shortcuts to far away places" concept bass-ackward. Anyway, it will dump you into the world out around -3500/4000 and another hastily protected portal, and right in the middle of a birch forrest filled with scary things.

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