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2005-05-09, 20:32

Originally Posted by bassplayinMacFiend
Basically this means that on the drop-dead date, currently January 1, 2007, every TV built since 1946 will go dark.
I'm sorry man, but that really chafes my ass. 60 years of innovation suddenly will have lost most of its meaning. I can imagine showing off my now-brand-new Zenith television to my future grandchildren, saying [grandpa simpson] "back in my day, these things could pick up a whole buncha shows, but now thanks to the feds none of 'em work anymore... now go get me a new pair of Depends before I wipe my excrementaneous matter all over your young, virile-looking face so help you God" [/grandpa simpson].

I thought that it was better for newer wireless devices to transmit towards the upper end of the spectrum (think Ghz), and lower frequencies didn't have as much geek appeal. You can count on me buying some older broadcasting equipment after said date, and opening the first illegal back-of-truck TV broadcasting station. Count on tuning your obsolete 20th century-built TV to Simpsons reruns and Mac-centric technology reviews... that is if you live in a 15-mile radius of Central New York. However, we will be continuously on the move along the US' major highways so as not to tip off "Big Charlie". I plan to develop a cult following that will travel along with me.

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