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2018-12-05, 12:10

Originally Posted by 709 View Post
Man that ~20 minutes that we all take to get a grip on Elytra is SO stressful... I'm just glad I was there to watch someone else doing it.

Gotta give it to arteggio though, once up and flying he was able to follow/lead like a pro.
709: "Okay, just jump and press the 'go' button."

Arteggio: "There's a 'go' button?"

Me: "It's right next to the 'stop' button."

709: "Don't listen to him. Don't EVER listen to him."

Arteggio: SPLAAAAT!

709: "You forgot to jump."

Arteggio: "So, I just jump?"

709: "Yes, and then press 'go'."

Arteggio: "Wait, I can't find this 'go' button."

709: "I mean the …"

Arteggio: SPLAAAAT!

Me: "Jump up and down, rub your belly, spin around three times, and shout 'oogablooga'."

Arteggio: SPLAAAAT!

Me: "Go to a high place. Jump off. Press 'jump'. Right click a rocket. Fly."

Arteggio: SPLAAAAT!

I wasn't watching, but it was fun to "watch". I recall having the same trouble.

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