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2019-10-18, 23:06

I'm struggling to find what I'm looking for. The hardest part seems to be powering the 85W MBP. I can also go to town buying dongles, but really I don't want to do that. I want one cable to plug into the MBP and that is it. Everything else plugs into the dock. I want two monitors preferably with 2 HDMI ports, though I can adapt Display Port if I must. I really don't want to use a dongle on a TB port to get my second external screen. Gigabit ethernet is a must. Beyond that I'm pretty open. Some USB-As, Mic/Audio out 3.5mm jacks would be cool.

Right now I've got two HDMI ports, Gigabit ethernet, 5 USB-A ports and an SD card slot...but it looks like crap.
The first is a WAVLINK hub that works well with 85W passthrough:

The second part is an Apple dongle that has my MBP power adapter fed through:

Finally I have an Anker 3 Port/Gigabit adapter plugged in too:

So how does this actually look? Like butt.

I don't have the HDMI cables connected because I don't want to stress the USB-C ports on this thing. The hub uses the two ports on the side of the MBP and works great for the task, but just don't really look good or make me feel comfortable about this setup. Granted, I paid more for the Apple official adapter than the other two combined.

So is there a good dock out there that does what I want? I'd like to mount the dock under my desk so it is out of the way. I recently did that with an external optical drive and I'm really happy with that.

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