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2019-10-23, 12:45

Originally Posted by Bryson View Post
This thread made me wonder about getting a Thunderbolt 2 dock for my venerable 2015 MBP.


A: They're really hard to find now that TB3 is around.
B: They're still OUTRAGEOUSLY expensive.
C: I'm not 100% convinced that it will work with 2 external monitors, whereas the current setup does work, for sure.

Anyone got one they want to sell me?
I have a Belkin.

It works and saves me some plugging/unplugging and makes the desk a little nicer. (I have Ethernet, HDMI, a short Watch charging cable and occasionally more stuff connected. But I do need a second HDMI cable for the other external monitor, and MagSafe.)

Occasionally (though not for months now, I think? Might be fixed?), the Mac gets stuck when waking up until you unplug it. Which would be kinda risky if I had, like, storage connected. And is also not a great UX.

So I would indeed say the pricing is questionable, though to be fair, I don’t technically use the benefits Thunderbolt has over USB much at all.