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2019-10-24, 05:34

Originally Posted by turtle View Post
I might end up going that route just so I don't throw money away, but then again, one cable is really nice.

If I went with something that didn't have power passthrough do you have a recommendation? Yes I can google and go through the geek sales site but I'm looking for something people are actually using that are good and solid devices.
I can't recommend anything because I don't have a tbMBP yet. (Mainly due to the keyboard.)

I guess going back to your original post… instead of the Wavlink, you could've gone with this $100 Satechi, which directly has HDMI. That saves you the bizarre Apple HDMI dongle as well as the Anker Ethernet dongle. And it does have power delivery.

So then all you need is that on the left, and an HDMI dongle on the right. (Maybe there's also an adapter in this style but for the right-hand side? That'd be a little less cluttered.)