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2020-03-19, 11:04

Today is my first day using my MBP as my primary computer thanks to the dock. I got my adapters in yesterday and went ahead and moved my desktop keyboard and trackpad to the dock too. I don't like the speaker setup right now, but I don't have good speakers so I have little choice at the moment.

I have accomplished my main goal though. One cable to rule them all. Right now the dock is in a temporary home that I don't really like. I'm going to screw it to the bottom of my desk but that will come in a month or so. I have some other things going on right now so I need to wait before I make that modification. Then I'll be able to hide all the wires and use the 2m cable in the bag on the back edge of the desk in the picture.

I do have both desktop monitors in operation too. This is really nice generally speaking. My workflow has completely changed but this isn't all bad. Just taking some getting used to.

I now need to get my audio figured out for this. I don't want to spend much, but I also don't want crap. I need something to go from Toslink to 3.5mm or a speaker set that takes Toslink.

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