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2019-07-10, 16:41

Originally Posted by chucker View Post
How often do you run into this scenario, though?
Honestly? Every day. Whenever we do data transfers! And, yes, I know this seems like a special case, but the system asks you to validate your Apple ID when the new account is created. Then it asks again when you accept the included apps, and then again to update those apps, and again after that to authenticate iTunes. And then, if Apple ID needs any additional crap, a 5th time! All in the space of 5 minutes. Even in a special use case, that is a broken system.

There need only be one Apple ID login in this case: When the setup assistant asks us to log in! And that's it. The system should just populate all the apps for a certain time period. Whether that is 15 minutes or something else I don't care.

Same thing happens whenever a software update is done on a Mac.

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