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2020-01-30, 17:05

I have to admit that I pretty well hate starting over without decent tools and armor. I love collecting resources and building and adventuring, but I hate the tool options that require me to be on almost endlessly in order to accumulate XP and create even half-decent tools.

Jess and I just started our server from scratch, and I love having the ability to mod in good tools so we can get down to rummaging and building. In survival mode, and with about 1/5 the time spent, I'm already significantly further along with basically the same long-range plan simply by having decent picks, shovels, and the armor to protect them.

Yeah, beginner's Minecraft just isn't as much fun for me with crappy tools and armor. I have some creations I'd like to build in this world, and it's going to take so long to do that I'm not sure I'm even going to start. Gonna shift over to adventuring, I think. I've got enough food to last for a good long time.

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