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2020-07-29, 10:51

Wow. Thanks for all the helpful info. I’ll email his shop when I figure out which direction I’m going. I don’t want to spend a ton of $$$ or I would have paid $3-5k for something in hardwood, vs a couple hundred on letgo. I don’t mind sanding though. I stripped, sanded and refinished 13 door casings, three bedrooms, and two flights of stairs (and railings!). And there’s still a lot left to do when it comes time to replace the windows and exterior doors. We lived in dust for two years. At least now I have an almost clear garage workspace to do the messy jobs.

There’s another option I’ve been seeing at trade shows. There are protective films designed to prevent acid etching on marble. They come in gloss and honed/matte. I looked into them for our kitchen, but the quotes were very high - mostly from companies trying to pretend that it was some proprietary product. It’s not, 3M, BASF, and others have been making such things for commercial applications for a while, just haven’t marketed direct to retail consumers. Recently, I’ve begun to see Chinese suppliers with similar temp and scuff resistant food grade stuff. It’s like the clear wraps for your car, but for household surfaces. Introduces some interesting options. Still would have to flood the surface of the table and sand to smooth it, but might be possible to skip final coatings...

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