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2020-07-29, 13:06

Yeah, I'm running out of areas. I still have the master bath to do - which didn't get done due to budget, mud-room and garage. The mud room will be a surprise, when I get the garage done, I'm going to rearrange the aux entrance to pass from garage into the mud room - right now it's accessed from outside. She'll get nervous about the scope, but will like it better when it's done - no more trudging outside with groceries only to duck back in. I'll frame it all out from the garage side and won't punch through until I'm ready to have the fire-door installed.

Then there's the whole exterior, but this tends to make her a lot less nervous because it's "not a mess inside my house ( <= yeah, that's the appropriate bolding). Have been drawing a few layouts trying to decide the best way to make use of a 45x40' yard, then stagger the big items so I can build it out over the next few summers without ripping anything up or trampling things. Basically, working from the back fence, towards the patio until it's done.