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2006-10-22, 02:25


Wonder if someone could explain this to me...

My father in law took some pictures of our wedding in May 2006, the photos turned out to be great except for the fact that he forgot to turn off the date function (which was set to default 01/01/2003) it shows up in the main photo in bright yellow (as it would), however, when browsing in finder looking at the thumbnails, the date is missing in all of them! Thinking wow, did I remove the dates painstakingly and forgot I did this?, boy was I dissapointed to find it still there in the main photo.

How did this happen? when you take a photo, does the camera save a preview in the actual JPEG file? I am positive that when doing photos on the PC the date showed up in the previews. I just wondered if this was something Apple did...

Take a look...

Further more, does anyone have any great tools to easily remove dates? or do I have to do it in photoshop or someother imaging application?

I think it must be a case of the camera saving a preview when it saves it to the flash disk because the preview is not cropped - there is just no trace of the date in the preview!


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