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2004-07-13, 08:21

Moved for ya. BTW, even though Olga has a lot of the same sounds as the English word "ugly," there are plenty of hot Olgas around. Ms. 7214 is definitely one of them. Ms. 4780... isn't.

But I digress! Back on topic.

Have you tried deleting the songs and re-importing them? Or perhaps putting them in QuickTime or converting them in iTunes? It's worth a shot - then again, I had some song problems a while back. Songs would continue playing for a few minutes after they had finished, so a two minute song might play for six minutes but have four minutes of silence at the end. Others would get cut off before they were finished. An iPod firmware update fixed some of these problems (remember the 2.0.0 firmware, how it wouldn't play certain songs?), but eventually I had to send it in for a replacement.