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2006-01-16, 23:25

Originally Posted by csb
I purchase an E Mac from Comp USA and they did the ram upgrade 2x 512, i think it is centon not sure, yes i did have a problem (over a year later) with what Apple care said was a kernel panic so the tech told me that it was the ram and to put the original 256 chip back in I did and it didn't help, then i read here or another site about switching the chips around place them in opposite slots tried that and guess what it hasn't happened since.
Apple care didn't make a big deal of it just told me that they don;t cover the ram from other manufactures, I'm new to apple but i think they just want you to purchase the ram from them and their prices are way to high. Most ram i've looked at over the years (using pc's) had lifetime warranties.
Had same problem, cept within only 1 week of installing. Bought 1 gig of Centon RAM, and it was causing kernel panics before the machine could even load the entire OS. Pulled the Centon out, put the stock 256 and the 512 I bought from smalldog back in, and all problems were solved.

I recommend Smalldog. I returned that 1 gig and ordered another gig from smalldog (at nearly half the price) - hasn't arrived yet, but I'll let you know how it worked when it gets here.

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