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2006-01-19, 11:55

Serendipitous Googling led me to this gem of an idea from a few years ago.

(Semi-OT: I love the unintended discoveries of Google at times)

Are you a slacker who hates opening pesky CD cases, let along shredding the shrinkwrap that hermetically seals in your new musical mylar platter? Do you long for the days of smart furniture that does more than just look purty, collect dustbunnies, or eat your change and keys?

Behold the Tasting Table from Michihito.

Put your CD (still in its case) on the table, and the track listing is projected and selectable from any seat. Move the puck and pick tracks. Pass the puck to anyone else at the table and the track listing follows them and allows them to select a song. All without taking the CD out. Way cool.

Intended for Cafes or public places, according to the writeup... but impressive enough in and of itself to spawn derivative furniture... imagine a version with enhanced CD support for music videos in the tabletop, or the elimination of the monitor completely and tabletop access to CDROM or DVD. (Yes, it isn't the most ergonomic viewing angle for long form video or extended passages of time spent reading, but if you've already got projection technology to spit out legible track listings and/or liner notes, it isn't a huge leap to see this incorporate some other interactive media content.)

Looks like the dude has won a bunch of awards for the design. I want one.

Click pics for WMV movie

Got other links and pics to futuristic furniture? Slug them in and lets see if we can set up the ultimate AN technohouse.