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2004-09-27, 00:32

Thanks for your reply!!

I've got my Dual 2GHz G5 sitting on a wire rack with the iMac next to it. Then I've got an old APC UPS (huge bugger) sitting next to that. I've got no space left. I'm not too worried about height, more about width. That's why I was considering the G3 B&W PM. If I could find a Cube (barebone) for less than $400 US, I'd be very happy!!

You're right, 10/100 is enough for most stuff. I've got FTTH (fiber) at home, so I've got PLENTY of bandwidth. Most homes here in Japan have ADSL or FTTH, so their bandwidth is anywhere from 8Mb to 100Mb. I've got an Airport base station hooked directly to my modem, so it's only 10/100. I won't be getting anymore bandwidth out because of that (and it's not really necessary anyway because FTTH is only 5Mb upload). Anyway, the main reason I was hoping for the Gigabit was for file sharing between the G5 and the server. Transferring 100MB files over Gigabit is much nicer .

You stated in #3 that the iMac will support OS X. Doesn't the G3 PM also support OS X?

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