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2007-04-22, 15:48

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Definitely a great reason to check your account activity more than once a month. My card company has notified me a fews times when I made purchases in areas or at merchants where I had never shopped before. At least there's that line of defense for some people.
Yes, definitely will try to check my accounts at least once a week. SO nice to be able to do that online.

Yeah, I've had someone from the credit card company call to check on my account activity at least twice. I really appreciated it.

However, at first I couldn't help being suspicious about whether 'they' were who they said they were. But since 'they' were able to 'tell me' about all the transactions I had made over the past two days, I figured they were legit. I didn't tell 'them' anything but my verification answers.

Does anyone here buy credit insurance, or those monthly plans that monitor credit card accounts for fraud? I've 'thought' about it; but it just seems like it's one more place where people are given access to one's personal information. That aspect makes me uncomfortable.

I keep seeing tv ads for, and can't help remembering that their computer systems were illegally accessed, and hackers were able to obtain the personal info for thousands of people who had used for vacation planning.

I know *I* wouldn't trust them with my credit info, though they probably have good security now.

My brother's card number was stolen by a clerk at an auto supply store. It was used later to buy $70 worth of home delivery pizza by someone who signed the name 'Maria'.