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2007-04-22, 16:42

Originally Posted by Bryson View Post
It makes me very, very irritated when waiters take your card away, for exactly this reason. In France, where they've had chip and pin for a lot longer than we have, they seem to train their waiters and shop staff better. They bring the machine to you, and in many cases, refuse to even touch your card, making you put it in the machine and never walking off with it.
Wow. That's very interesting about procedures in France!

There must have been some past fraud scandals that caused them to resort to these super-cautious methods, don't you think?

When you say "bring you the machine", do you mean those old machines that imprint the card number onto paper slips with carbon copies? Or do you mean an electronic device, hooked up to the credit card system by an extra LONG cable? Or do they use some kind of 'wireless' card reader (which wouldn't seem all that secure to me)?

With regard to those slips with carbon copies (iirc), boxes full of used credit card slips were found in a dumpster outside of a local chain store a few years ago. It was appalling. I just remembered that incident. Guess I won't be shopping at 'that' store anytime soon.