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2008-07-09, 02:44

Alright, I'm working on it now. Despite everyone liking the top right one, I just get a bad feeling from it: It feels really template-y. So I'm streamlining the top left one, and the flipside will be the simple "" logo with the colored bottom bit.

I'll post more later tonight, including the next generation of tweaking (experimenting with different colors and fonts). Just wanted to throw this in, in case anyone reads this between now and then:

My design sensibility (and therefore the feeling I wish these cards to convey) is as follows:
-youthful (-exuberance)
-whimsical (yet sophisticated)
-vintage (yet contemporary)

If I had to pick one of those words to best express it, it would be whimsical.
If I had to pick a designer with a similar style it would be Betsey Johnson (whom I adore).

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